2017 Topps Fire MLB has made its debut as a stand-alone set and is now available to Target customers.

With the decline of hobby stores for sports cards, companies like Topps have created partnerships with prominent retailers like Target to make their products available to the masses. Capitalizing on that specific relationship, 2017 Topps Fire MLB has brought design worthy of a hobby set to collectors who shop at Target.

Tyson Beck, who has designed several card sets including Fire MLB cards as an insert set in previous MLB lines, has reinvigorated his design skills for this set. The set is more than just an aesthetic marvel, however. It has the goods that serious collectors want.

Available in a collector’s box and value (blaster) box, the set has 200 base cards according to the official checklist. There are nine parallels of the base set, ranging from the 1-of-1 Inferno to the numbered to 299 Orange in rarity. The value boxes come with exclusive fat packs, while the collector’s boxes are guaranteed to contain at least two hits. In those fat packs only are Blue Chip parallels. Gold Minted parallels are also exclusive to the value boxes.

Five different insert subsets fill out the product. Fire Up, Flame Throwers, Golden Gloves, Monikers and Walk It Off all appear in boxes of both sizes. Fifty-two different players are featured in the product’s autograph and relic offerings, which have four different parallels as well. Green parallels are the most frequent at numbered to 75, followed Purple (numbered to 50), then Magenta (numbered to 25) and finally Inferno (one-of-one). The relics are player-worn jersey swatches.

Dual autographs are numbered to 20, and Triple Autographs are numbered to five. That rarity is matched by the set’s autograph relics cards, which come in Magenta (numbered to 10) and Inferno (one of one).

The number of hits and the stellar design of the set would make this set a popular product at hobby shops, but Topps has made it available to collectors everywhere thanks to Target. Given the ease of access, collectors should expect the product to go quickly.

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