The Cubs will be just fine after Game 4 of the NLDS was postponed.

It has been one of the best series this postseason. The starting pitching for both the Washington Nationals and Chicago Cubs have been stellar. With all other series averaging nine and a half runs per game, the Cubs and Nats have scored a total of 15 runs. Nine of those runs came in the stellar Game 2 that saw the Nationals take over in the bottom of the eighth.

The day of extra rest given to these teams by seeing Game 4 postponed could be great for both. It does provide an extra day for Nationals Game 1 starter Stephen Strasburg to recuperate. His performance was more than what the team could have asked, and the team could use him for Game 4. However, he declined the chance to pitch, which means Tanner Roark takes the hill.

For the Chicago Cubs, the one-day wait will have no effect on their performance. Don’t believe me?

Take a look at their performance so far. In the opening game, they found a way to get to Strasburg and scratch a run across. Then, the Cubs took a lead into the eighth inning, but the bullpen lost the game. Finally, Ben Zobrist found space in the outfield off Scherzer, and Albert Almora proved clutch. Even though the defense was shaky at times, the Cubs won. The rest? Helps.

3. Arrieta is ready

One of the major stories coming into the NLDS series between the Cubs and the Nationals was the health of two major pitchers. Both Max Scherzer and Jake Arrieta were coming off hamstring injuries that ended their seasons a few days early. Scherzer was as good as ever and Arrieta should be just as good.

The second half of the season proved why Arrieta will garner a $30 million per year contract this offseason. An ERA of 2.28 in 12 games placed Arrieta back on top of his game and his dominance led a Cubs staff that needed stability and consistency.

Now, he has an extra day of rest. An extra day to stretch out his hamstring. A day to prepare to take the mound, giving the Cubs a chance to return to the NLCS.

What does that really mean?


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