Conor McGregor is making waves for crossing over to the boxing world, and we thought about 30 other sports crossovers we’d want to see after his fight.

Conor McGregor had been in the conversation to fight Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring ever since his rise to fame really got going, and we’re officially close to the day where the two will do battle in one of the sports world’s biggest crossovers to date.

Many sports fans are genuinely excited to see the two go to war in the ring for however long it lasts, and will easily drop the $100 to watch the once-in-a-lifetime fight.

On the other hand, some are criticizing the event for having an MMA fighter trying to compete with a boxer, and it apparently seems too crazy for McGregor to have a shot as he transitions from the UFC to the boxing world for the fight. If they aren’t fans of that crossover, maybe they’ll want to read this list and start rooting for a different crossover to balance things out.

Plenty of athletes have experience in two sports, whether it’s a football player with basketball experience, a baseball player with football experience, or even a wrestler or fighter with some organized team sports on their resume.

In honor of McGregor transitioning his skill set for the Mayweather fight, we took a look at 30 other sports crossovers we’d like to see once the world goes back to normal after Aug. 26 finally rolls around.

30. Allen Iverson in the NFL

Allen Iverson is one of the biggest names in basketball history, and even has been relevant in this offseason for his participation, or lack thereof at times, during Ice Cube’s 3-on-3 tournament. However, one thing not many people realize or remember after A.I.’s impressive basketball career is how heavily recruited he was as a football player beforehand.

Iverson had some serious football hopes before his basketball career took off, and he’s even been quoted in the past as having had dreams of playing for Notre Dame and the Dallas Cowboys as a quarterback. Granted, part of the reason for the Fighting Irish was the shiny helmets rather than the football team’s history, but that’s besides the point.

He was an incredible high school quarterback and was named the best basketball and football player in the state during his junior campaign. He couldn’t play during his senior season in any high school sports, and he committed to continuing his basketball career.

However, there have been plenty of conversations that he was a better quarterback than Michael Vick was, and he’s even been quoted in the past as saying that he was better in high school himself. In the end, it’s crazy to think Iverson could’ve outdone what Vick was able to do with the Atlanta Falcons in the early 2000s.

Of course, he’s out of his prime now and likely couldn’t have any success in pads. However, we’d still love to see Iverson out there on the football field sometime soon, especially in the NFL if possible.

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