The Boston Red Sox will make the 2017 playoffs

With the MLB regular season starting to close out, teams are beginning to clinch playoff spots. Among those teams that will be a part of the playoffs will be the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox have a good team and may be a legitimate threat to win the World Series.

Here are the five reasons why Boston will be able to pull off this feat.

5. The lead over the division

The Boston Red Sox have a good lead over the rest of the AL East. They currently have a four-game lead over the second place New York Yankees, and with not a whole lot of games left it seems likely they will clinch the division soon.

The Red Sox have 18 games remaining. Of those 18 games, 14 are against teams under .500. And, the best team they play is the Houston Astros, which is the last series for Boston, and there is a good chance they will have already clinched by then.

Realistically, the Yankees are the only team that can catch the Red Sox and their schedule features games against the Twins, Orioles, Blue Jays, and Rays. The last three are out of it but will look to play spoiler against their divisional foe.

The schedule is on the Red Sox’s side to clinch the division and make the playoffs again.

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