With the trade deadline looming, the Los Angeles Dodgers need to start thinking about how to stay on top of the NL West. Here are 5 moves they should make.

The 2017 season has been interesting for the wild National League West. The Los Angeles Dodgers are finally at the top of the division after sitting in third place behind a match race between the Colorado Rockies and the Arizona Diamondbacks. They’re enjoying a respite from having to fight for first place with their division-rival San Francisco Giants, who have all but collapsed this year and reside in last place.

With the Dodgers sitting in first, they need to look ahead to finishing the season strong. The team made it to the postseason in 2016, but this year they want to go deep into October baseball, which means they need a strong team behind them.

With a trip to the World Series at the top of the team’s goals, here are five transactions that the Los Angeles Dodgers should make.

5. Chase Utley and the First Base Dilemma

First baseman Adrian Gonzalez will be out on the disabled list until after the All-Star Break. His recurring back issues aren’t improving, but fortunately Cody Bellinger has been available to step in while the team’s venerated veteran rehabs.

Logan Forsythe has returned to his spot at second base, replacing Chase Utley, who filled in for Forsythe during his absence. Utley is averaging .224 with five home runs this season, compared to Forsythe’s .245 average. With Forsythe and Bellinger firmly rooted into their spots, and Adrian Gonzalez getting back  

Utley is slated to make $2 million in 2017, then he dips back into free agency in 2018. Moving him now for someone who can add immediate value makes the most sense.

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