Aaron Judge is putting on a show in the Home Run Derby on Monday night and that includes this bomb that went 513 feet.

This year brings us one of the more anticipated editions of the Home Run Derby in quite some time, and one of the reasons for that is New York Yankees rookie Aaron Judge. Judge has burst onto the scene this year with his amazing power for the Yankees, so everyone was ready to see a good show in Miami on Monday night.

Well a show from Judge is indeed what everyone is getting. The young man from the Bronx is wowing everyone with his power as he cruised into the finals, and while he had some impressive bombs, none were really more impressive than this one that he hit in the semifinals.

Just how impressive was it? Well, Judge launched this one 513 feet as he defeated fellow rookie phenom Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Now yeah, people are going to say that this is just batting practice, but that doesn’t really matter. 513 feet is impressive no matter where someone does it, and watching someone launch a bomb like this will never not be fun.

Again, everyone tuning in and everyone in attendance in Miami on Monday were ready to see the rookie put on a show, and that’s exactly what he’s doing for everyone. This has been one of the more memorable Home Run Derbies that we have seen, and Aaron Judge is a good reason for that.

Judge would eventually end up winning the whole thing in his rookie season, and you really have to wonder just how many more of these he will win during the course of what should be an impressive career.

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