Before the 2017 Home Run Derby even started, Aaron Judge was already showcasing his power as he hacked one into the rafters during batting practice.

Aaron Judge has become one of the most popular names that the MLB has to offer, and the New York Yankees rookie has been putting on a show over the first half of his first year in the league. Even during the All-Star Break, it looks like the young sensation won’t be taking a break from his highlight reel.

Judge will appear in the Home Run Derby on Monday night in Miami, and we could see him in a finals battle with last year’s champion, Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins, if seeding proves to be true in the event’s bracket. To make that happen, Judge definitely needed to get warmed up.

However, it looks like he may have gotten a little too warm before the competition even started, as Judge absolutely launched a ball during batting practice that got fans watching off their feet before the Derby could even get rolling.

Judge smacked a ball so high and so hard that it went straight to the rafters at Marlins Park, and it may have gone to the moon if it hadn’t been stopped on its way in the air.

The power shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Judge has already smoked 30 home runs before the break this year for the Yankees. Now, it’s time to see if that power can continue to the actual competition, and we can see if Judge will be breaking any crazy records during the Derby on Monday night.

Judge will have to compete for some love tonight with a crowd rooting for their hometown hero Stanton, but if he keeps this up, we may see a little turn in support throughout the night towards the rookie’s side.

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