Alex Rodriguez may not wind up being the next manager of the New York Yankees, but a notable celebrity has endorsed him.

Since deciding not to bring Joe Girardi back, the New York Yankees have cast a wide net in their search for a new manager. Former players (Carlos Beltran), former managers (Eric Wedge) and even broadcasters (Aaron Boone) have been interviewed. Despite an endorsement from C.C. Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez said he hasn’t considered himself a candidate to manage his former team.

Rodriguez has other interests outside of baseball, and he has found nice calling close to the sport as a broadcaster for FOX. He clearly knows the game, and is able to convey that knowledge and insight to viewers rather seamlessly.

But until the Yankees hire a manager, and with the wide net they’ve cast in mind, A-Rod will be on the periphery as a candidate. A recent article from Merritt Rolfing of Beyond The Box Score  suggested Rodriguez is the best choice for the job. And a celebrity took to Twitter to cite the article and endorse the move.

Jennifer Lopez, also known as Rodriguez’s girlfriend, feels it “couldn’t be clearer” that he should be the next Yankees’ manager while adding the hashtag #arodforyankeesmanager.

Rodriguez’s experience with the New York media, good and mostly bad, would make him a solid choice to manage the Yankees. Girardi suggested Rodriguez may manage a team someday, and Rodriguez himself pointed to the prestige of the Yankees’ job.

I will say that being a manager for the New York Yankees is almost like POTUS, like one of those jobs that anybody and everybody should and would pay attention to,” Rodriguez said. “Because the New York Yankees are the greatest franchise in sports, not only in America but in the entire globe.

The Yankees probably won’t go the route of the University of Tennessee, and let the “wisdom” of social media dictate who they hire. If they want to listen to Lopez specifically, her music from the late 1990s and early 2000s is a better choice.

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