Anthony Rizzo had a concerning quote about the Cubs.

The Chicago Cubs are off to a hot 12-3 start and have the best winning percentage in all of baseball. The team has also properly followed COVID-19 protocol and has remained on the field at a time when other teams are dealing with players not following the rules.

Cubs fans get to enjoy a young core featuring the likes of Anthony Rizzo, Javy Baez, Kris Bryant, and Willson Contreras. However, everyone is well aware that contracts are set to expire and the Cubs can’t afford to keep the entire core.

Rizzo brought that up in a recent quote that serves as a warning to Cubs fans to enjoy this team while it lasts.

Anthony Rizzo’s warning should be taken seriously

Rizzo is one of the players who could be on the move soon. He has a team option in 2021 for $16.5 million. Then there is Bryant, who is none too pleased about having another arbitration year in 2021. Yet that figure should be over $20 million and his name will once again be in trade rumors if he isn’t moved at some point this season.

Baez will also enter his final year of arbitration in 2021 and Contreras reaches that point in 2022. Those are four players right there who have become fan favorites in Chicago. So who will they keep?

Bryant seems to be on his way out after his battle with the front office this past offseason. Does that means Rizzo and Baez will get long-term deals worth well over $100 million? And what about Contreras?

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That is all speculation and all Cubs fans can do now is follow Rizzo’s advice and enjoy the team. Contracts are out of the control of everyone who isn’t a front office member in Chicago.

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