After losing a lead and ultimately going down in defeat, the New York Yankees are in turmoil. Even Aroldis Chapman supports his manager being fired.

With all the drama surrounding the New York Yankees after blowing Game 2 against the Cleveland Indians, it’s a tough day for manager Joe Girardi. It certainly is not going to be easy for him today, must less the rest of the ALCS games against the Cleveland Indians.

Questions surround the game management of Girardi from Game 2 last night in Cleveland. Much of it warranted. With the New York Yankees leading 8-3 in the bottom of the sixth, Girardi made a pitching change. Starting pitcher C.C. Sabathia settled down after a rough start and only threw 77 pitches. However, Sabathia was lifted for Chad Green.

A few pitches later, the Indians pulled to within one run after Francisco Lindor launched a grand slam off high off the right field foul pole.

After the game, Girardi was asked about why he made the move. His response was simply “It’s kind of what we’ve done all year with Green.” Essentially, insanity.

Yankees fans were upset. Many calling for Girardi to be removed as coach. Like most people these days, they vented their frustration on social media. It is what we do.

So do players. Sometimes, it is not a good look for them. As it is now for Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman. He is no stranger to this type of controversy as he critized Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon after the World Series win last year.

Today, he just decided to like a comment on Instagram.

Let’s see how this plays out the rest of the post season for the Yankees. Chapman certain did not look great at points this season, but was solid last night. If there is real turmoil in the Yankees’ dugout, their last game could be on Sunday.

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