In the 25th round of this year’s MLB Draft, the Atlanta Braves took a movie character’s namesake.

By the time the third day of the MLB Draft gets going, a relative crap shoot turns into consistent shots in the dark. A big chunk of those late-round picks don’t become stars in the big leagues, with a notable exception of someone like Hall of Famer Mike Piazza, but high school players can go to college and take another shot at the draft later.

Wednesday was that third day grind for 2017, with a bunch of unknowns and picks unlikely to be signed right away if they have the college option. But the Atlanta Braves took a high school catcher out of Shawnee High School in Oklahoma in the 25th round (740th overall), and he has a notable name.

Jake Taylor, as any fan of baseball movies and good comedies surely knows, is the fictional Cleveland Indians catcher played by actor Tom Berenger in Major League. The real-life Jake Taylor is committed to go to college at Oklahoma State, which looks like the best route for him unless he really wants to start his pro career for some reason.

As expected, Braves’ fans approved of the pick on Twitter.

The real Jake Taylor also has some bat-flip flair Jose Bautista would be proud of.

Here’s a clip of the fictional Taylor’s shining moment from the movie.

The fun aspect is heightened by both Jake Taylors being catchers, and the real young man’s parents have to be fans of the movie, right? Or it’s just a coincidence of the same last name and a preferred first name-but let’s go with the movie fan thing. The only thing that could have made it better? If the Indians had taken the 2017 draft pick Jake Taylor.

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