Cleveland Indians center fielder Austin Jackson made a Derek Jeter-esque catch in the outfield and robbed Hanley Ramirez of a home run.

There have been plenty of eye-popping catches made this baseball season, but Austin Jackson may have just made the world forget about those. Hanley Ramirez launched a ball to center field in what looked to be a home run .. but not on Jackson’s watch.

He went airborne and flipped over the center field wall, miraculously catching the ball and holding onto it. Even though Cleveland is on the road, it sent the Boston faithful into an absolutely frenzy.

Ramirez, who was on the other end of the catch, couldn’t help but look astonished that Jackson was able to complete that play. It will surely be a catch that will be replayed over and over again for a long time.

Jackson battled some injuries earlier this season and has been limited to 44 games played thus far. However, he is healthy now and has been receiving steady playing time for the Indians’ depleted outfield. Certainly known more for his glove than his bat, we certainly saw why that is the case for Jackson.

If Jackson can remain healthy for the rest of the season, the Indians will surely find a place for his glove to be in their lineup. The reigning American League champions got off to a slow start this season but regained form and currently lead the AL Central division.

They have surely had stiffer competition in their division this season, but still remain the favorites to come out on top and potentially make another run at a title. Cleveland will finish their series in Boston tomorrow, then head back home to take on the scorching New York Yankees for a four-game series.

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