Oakland Athletics rookie outfielder Boog Powell is going to meet his namesake in Baltimore Orioles legend, also named Boog Powell, for some meat this week.

It may not be a great season for the Oakland Athletics, but they’ve got some rookie outfielder that’s doing good things with a name we might have heard of before. Boog Powell is already the second best Boog Powell of all-time. He is nicknamed after the former Baltimore Orioles outfielder.

To make baseball even better than it already is, the two Boogs are going to meet and probably eat some meat down on Eutaw Street. Is this a Dr. Seuss book that we don’t know about or is this real life? Does it matter? No, because it’s amazing and will be the best thing to happen in Baltimore since the Super Bowl victory a few years back.

Yes, Boog Powell II will meet his long-lost baseball father, Boog Powell I for some meat and some baseball down on Eutaw Street. The only way this gets better is is former NFL defensive tackle Vince Wilfork is there in his giant blue overalls to cook some delicious barbecue ribs for the Boogs. He’d just be there for the barbecue ribs on behalf of Kingsford.

This meeting over meat has to be better than any sort of soiree involving Isiah Thomas and Isaiah Thomas on the basketball hardwood. Diminutive basketball point guards are cool, but big dudes named Boog that are going to enjoy some barbecue is a total game changer.

Just the other day, little Boog hit his first major league homer near big Boog’s barbecue stand when the A’s were at Camden Yards. There is no way on Planet Earth this is not fate. This meeting over delicious smoked meat had to happen. No, Jack Nicholson, this is as good as it gets. Doubling down on some Boog barbecue for sure.

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