On Saturday, the Milwaukee Brewers did a nice deed by offloading a lot of Girl Scout cookies.

The Milwaukee Brewers have a sugar tooth, and it extends beyond stockpiling young talent to make a World Series run in 2018. That hunger resulted in a kind deed for a young fan named Claire, as they purchased a ton of Girl Scout cookies. Could this mean that there is more money to spend in free agency?

Claire advertised the snacks on Twitter.

With all the purchases of Thin Mints flowing in, there should be a concern on how the team will look heading into spring training. So, Claire was successful as she got replies from outfielders Brett Phillips and Keon Broxton. Also, the hard-throwing right-hander, Corey Knebel vouched for some too. There is no way to tell how many he bought because all he says is ” I’m always interested in Girl Scout cookies!”

But, we do know how much the other players wanted. Phillips bought 12 boxes, 6 of Thin Mints and 6 of ” Thanks-a-Lots”. Broxton asked for 12 originally, but then just asked for 2 of every kind. So, the club is having one big cheat day before reporting to workouts. The Brewers have been in the news the past couple of days for the acquisitions of Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain.

But, could they be back in headlines in a negative way? The team needs to watch their weight when the crane of Girl Scout cookies land in Milwaukee. Those three players are going to have a ton of treats to share. The Brewers don’t need 25 Bartolo Colons walking around. Milwaukee needs to stay in shape to take down the Cubs.

Overall, this was a really nice thing to make a child’s day. Shoutout to the Milwaukee Brewers for that. But they might have given away their secret plan to lure ace Jake Arrieta with Girl Scout cookies, instead of actual money.


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