FOX is going with a new production approach during the MLB All-Star Game, and it somehow led to Bryce Harper talking about the NFL with Joe Buck.

Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper turned a few heads when he was spotted a while back in a Dallas Cowboys hat rather than a Washington Redskins hat. During the MLB All-Star game, he didn’t do himself any favors trying to win back some of that hometown support.

FOX went with a different production approach for the All-Star Game, with players mic’ed up during the game in the field and doing interviews with the broadcasters in the middle of the inning. Fans obviously loved the move, much like what the NHL does with players during their All-Star weekend, and it gave a nice, close-up look at the action.

However, in an otherwise uneventful first few innings of the game, not many wanted to talk about the action on the field. In fact, when Harper was talking with Joe Buck on commentary from the outfield, even he wanted to talk about something else.

Transferring the talk from the diamond to the football field, Harper brought up how he feels like he could be doing NFL commentary with how he was talking during the game. He then went into full analyst mode, and asked Joe Buck, who covers plenty of Dallas Cowboys games, about Cowboys quarterback and young sensation Dak Prescott.

Buck gave some high praise to Prescott as he answered the question, which probably made Harper feel pretty good about his Cowboys fandom and hopes for next season. Harper then showed some love to his team’s QB, and even brought up Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott.

“[Prescott]’s fun to watch,” Harper said. “Watching him on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays, him and Zeke, man. They’re unbelievable.”

Cowboys fans watching the game must’ve appreciated the Prescott talk, but with a few months left until the regular season gets underway, it might’ve just made everyone even more antsy than before.

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