The Cardinals are just trying to make it back onto the diamond.

The St. Louis Cardinals are in the midst of an unprecedented situation. The team has not played a game since July 29 and has only played a total of five games this season.

The club is now facing a reality of cramming 55 games into about seven weeks. However, there will be zero games played until the team can get a day without any positive COVID-19 test results. Another positive came up Friday and postponed the entire weekend series against the Chicago Cubs.

This is leading to a great deal of frustration within the organization.

Cardinals back in quarantine

Bob Nightengale’s article explains how the team believes the outbreak began with someone employed by a player. That is how easily a virus can spread and now the Cardinals are dealing with a total outbreak.

The fear now is that the positive on Friday will lead to another on Saturday and so on. Continuing to stay in quarantine will eventually force the Cardinals to reach a breaking point where 60 games is just not possible. Packing too many doubleheaders onto the schedule could increase the risk of injuries for not only Cardinals players, but for opponents as well.

It is fair for the entire organization to be frustrated. Players and staff can be careful and still contract the virus due to a quick encounter with just one individual. Such is how viruses work.

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This was the risk the entire league took by not going into a bubble like the NBA and NHL. The Miami Marlins were the first team to deal with an outbreak, but have managed to quarantine those who were positive and get back on the field. Even if the Cardinals eventually do the same, they may run out of time.

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