Carlos Beltran, fresh off winning his first-ever World Series as a member of the Houston Astros, has announced his retirement after 20 MLB seasons.

When you think about the past two decades in MLB, there are many big names that come up. However, one name that has often been among them statistically, but has never garnered quite the same amount of headlines as others is Carlos Beltran. Yet for 20 seasons, he played professional baseball and solidified himself as an elite talent. And on Monday, he announced that his time in that category had come to an end.

Penning a piece for The Players’ Tribune, Beltran announced his retirement after 20 years in the league. He talked about the blessing of being able to play the game, the ability to represent Puerto Rico proudly and much more.

Coming into this year, there isn’t much that Beltran hadn’t accomplished in his career. However, the big thing that had eluded him was a World Series ring. As a member of the Houston Astros and their remarkable season, though, the outfielder was able to capture just that. No, he wasn’t necessarily and integral part, nor was the 40-year old the player that he was for so many years. But now he has a ring, and he’s riding into the sunset wearing it.

Throughout his career, Beltran played for seven different teams, his longest stints coming with the Kansas City Royals from 1998-2004 and then the New York Mets from 2005-11. After winning the American League Rookie of the Year award in 1999, he went on to become a nine-time All Star and three-time Gold Glove winner.

It’s always hard to speculate when it comes to MLB and someone’s Hall of Fame prospects. However, by the estimation of most, Beltran is deservedly heading to Cooperstown one day. As for now, though, he’s retiring a champion.

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