Carlos Correa earned his ring as a member of the world champion Houston Astros, then immediately gave a different one to girlfriend Daniella Rodriguez.

It’s a big night when you help your team win its first ever World Series victory, like Carlos Correa just did for the Houston Astros. Somehow, he managed to make the night of the Game 7 victory even more memorable.

The budding superstar shortstop was one of several players interviewed by the Fox announce team after the Astros wrapped up their 5-1 win in Los Angeles. It went as most post-championship chats with excited players do.

Until the end, that is. Correa had something else in mind too.

Correa’s girlfriend, Daniella Rodriguez, looked genuinely surprised and overcome with emotion. She was so busy crying tears of joy that she needed some prompting to say “yes.”

According to the Houston Chronicle, it’s not known how long Correa and Rodriguez, a former Miss Texas USA, have been a couple. Social media accounts make it appear they have been an item for at least a year.

Twitter reactions to Correa’s proposal were plentiful, with the majority of them impressed with the shortstop’s gesture.

And there was an obvious question: did he have the ring in his back pocket the whole time?

Regardless of the logistics, it’s clear Correa had to have put some thought into it, and that he had enough confidence in his Astros teammates that they would pull out Game 7 and avoid a much more melancholy proposal.

(We’ll assume for the sake of argument he wasn’t going to wait to see if Houston made it back to the 2018 World Series if the team had lost tonight.)

In any case, it made an already incredible night even more so, especially for himself and Rodriguez. The other Astros are on Cloud 9 right now, but Correa might be on an even higher level.

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