CC Sabathia is experimenting with a new and improved diet and workout plan this offseason. The big lefty for the Yankees is now vegan, looking to sustain his strength as he is in the twilight of his career. 

Sabathia is currently 37 years old and in the midst of his 17th offseason. He has a 6-foot-6, 300-pound frame that needs maintained. There has been a multitude of physical issues for Sabathia in 2017, such as a knee injury as well as a pulled hamstring. He has been using a new workout plan for the past few months and it is designed to keep him healthy and durable in 2018.

He will be working with his personal trainer, T.J. Lopez. Sabathia considers himself built more like an offensive lineman than a baseball player and he must train like a big man. His workouts will consist of stretches for his hips and hamstrings to keep them in shape. Also, a lot of his workouts will mix in a deadlift for his lower half strength as well as shoulders. He will be performing a lot of band and medicine ball workouts to sustain his throwing shoulder.

Sabathia is definitely looking for a new alternative to keep his body fresh and ready to go at an advanced age. Going vegan will ultimately help him stay cut and be able to perform physically the way he could five years prior. The way he is eating paired with cardio and a new modified workout plan, CC should be able to compete just fine in 2018.

In his 17-year career as a pitcher in the MLB, Sabathia has a 3.70 ERA with a 237-146 record. He has spent nine years as a Yankee, eight with the Indians, and one with the Brewers as well as being a six-time All-Star.

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