The Chicago White Sox didn’t take kindly to being shunned from a Wheel of Fortune puzzle this week.

When you think of top sports teams in the city of Chicago, almost all of them come to mind. They have the Cubs, the Bulls, the Blackhawks, and even the Bears. But apparently somebody forgot the south side had another team as well.

On Tuesday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, a puzzle was created with that very topic. The topic was titled, “Chicago ____,” and featured the four previously mentioned franchises in the Windy City. It was all part of this week’s Great American Cities theme, where puzzles feature different items about various cities.

But the White Sox mysteriously were left off the list.

So they took their complaint to Twitter and let the show know they were helpful enough to correct the issue. In a comical moment, the Sox were quick to comment, “There, we fixed it.” CBS Chicago posted the tweets shown here from the episode. But funny enough, it wasn’t the only mistake of the show.

A contestant named Brad was attempting to solve the puzzle. Had “Brad” tried to solve the puzzle by saying ONLY the names that were listed, and not thrown in any extra words, he would’ve walked away with a load of prizes. But instead, he accidentally said “and” while naming the teams. As a result, he missed out on a $1,000 gift card, a chance at a car and over $2,700 in cash due to his mistake.

It’s not that we … FORGOT … about you, White Sox. No, wait. I guess they really kind of did forget! But contrary to popular belief, they are an actual team. They have uniforms and everything (points to you if you got the Jake Taylor reference from Major League). But they’ll have a chance to show everybody exactly who they are, when Spring Training kicks off next month. And for the record, Go Cubs!

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