Game 2 was the best kind of deja vu for the Los Angeles Dodgers, who once again got a clutch two-run homer to give them the lead.

The Los Angeles Dodgers seem to have this World Series figured out. Get a solo shot to open their scoring, then a two-run home run to grab the lead. On Wednesday night, Corey Seager provided the latter in game 2.

Justin Verlander was on the mound for the Houston Astros, which has been bad news for opponents ever since he joined the team. But Joc Pederson got to him for a solo homer, and then the sixth inning was Seager’s time.

It was only the second hit given up by Verlander, but Seager left no doubt about where it was going with his reaction in the batter’s box.

As John Smoltz pointed out on the Fox broadcast, Verlander was really good once again, but the Dodgers pitchers were just a little bit better, scattering Astros hits and keeping everything in the park. Verlander’s rare mistakes just happened to both go over the fence.

The big problem for the Astros once they did is that they then had to attempt a comeback against a bullpen that has been absolutely lights out all postseason. Los Angeles relievers have gone more than 20 innings without giving up any runs, making the 3-1 lead Seager provided feel like much more than that.

Not bad for a player who wasn’t healthy enough to play in the NLCS …

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