Thursday’s game at Wrigley Field was delayed a bit by rain, so the Cubs and Diamondbacks bullpens took entertainment into their own hands.

Rain came through the Chicago area Thursday afternoon, delaying the Chicago Cubs-Arizona Diamondbacks matinee game for a bit.

Rain delays bring extra down time for all the players, with no guarantee a game will even be played as scheduled. No group of players has more downtime during games, if they’re not warming up of course, than the bullpen. So all of that uncertainty brings out the creative spirit at times during a weather delay, and the Cubs and Diamondbacks bullpens came through pretty well at Wrigley Field on Thursday afternoon.

The action on the video board in center field grabbed the attention of the players in the Cubs’ dugout, and of course the fans in attendance. The Cubs’ relievers started out in costume, with variations of horse heads and masks, then transitioned to what looked like an air guitar display. The Diamondbacks’ bullpen countered with human bowling, complete with some body English.

Thanks to the Diamondbacks’ Twitter, an extended look at the Arizona end of the dance-off was shown in more detail. A hand-stand, a mock bobsled run with chairs as props — a lot of fun was had by all.


As of this writing, the Diamondbacks have a 6-1 lead over the Cubs in the bottom of the fifth inning. The home team is going to need to dip into their bullpen first, so hopefully no one is too tired or got injured during the epic dance-off. Arizona is winning the game, and I think they won the bullpen dance-off already.

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