Chicago Cubs closer Craig Kimbrel shaved off his beard and the man looks unrecognizable 

If you need further proof that 2020 has been a wildly insane year, look no further than the Chicago Cubs clubhouse at Wrigley Field. Veteran hurler Craig Kimbrel, since the dawn of time, has been known for his rocket of a right arm and his incredible beard. His facial hair is tough to match.

But, what if we told you in a new twist to the Major League Baseball campaign that Kimbrel decided to shave his beard and his face is now smoother than a baby’s bottom? Folks, we must warn you, the photo you’re about to see below very well could shock you.

The Cubs kicked off their season with a 3-0 win over the Brewers on Friday night

You mean to tell us that’s Kimbrel?! Have we seen the man clean shaven like that in the last five years? Probably not, which makes the image posted to Twitter all the more stunning. One has to wonder what led to him to make this decision. It’d be one thing if he was with the Yankees and was forced to shave, but he’s in the Windy City with the Cubbies. We demand an answer!

As for Kimbrel’s Cubs’ teammates, it doesn’t look like his new look got into their heads whatsoever. On Friday night, Chicago kicked off its campaign with a 3-0 win over the Brewers. Kimbrel wasn’t needed in this one, as Kyle Hendricks tossed a gem with a three-hit shutout.

All three Cubs runs came via a homer, with Ian Happ drilling a two-run blast in the third inning, while Anthony Rizzo hit a solo dinger in the bottom of the eighth.

Things are off to a great start for the Cubs. A special season could be on the way, but we’ll all be keeping an eye on Kimbrel to see if he decides to bring his scruff back.

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