The controversial Barstool Sports boss could be breaking into baseball.

J-Lo and A-Rod’s bid to buy the Mets is dead… long live J-Lo and A-Rod’s bid to buy the Mets?

Ever since the shameful, shambolic failure by the Wilpon family to sell the team to hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen, a healthy list of VIP names has popped up in various rumors regarding a possible purchase of the team.

None stand out bigger than the formidable 1a and 1b of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, but we learned over the course of the spring that a proper bid simply wasn’t going to materialize despite significant exploration.

On Monday, however, the J-Rod/Mets momentum was reignited. And a subsequent read of the Twitter tea leaves might just suggest a bold, controversial addition to their would-be ownership group.

Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy says he has a potential offer to be “involved” with a pro sports team that’s up for sale, and the timing suggests it could be the Mets.

Let’s be clear: There is no direct evidence pointing to the fact that Portnoy was tweeting about the Metropolitans here, or what it would mean to be “involved” with the franchise. Even a small ownership stake in an MLB team would be nothing short of a fortune for the 43-year-old media personality.

But his cryptic message comes far too close to the revival of the J-Lo/A-Rod Mets narrative to be ignored entirely, and the “I wouldn’t have to relocate” detail — Barstool Sports is based in New York — says the quiet part out loud.

Think about the optics here. Portnoy, a notorious Boston sports fan, could do a whole lot of damage even in an honorary ambassadorial role with the New York baseball team that isn’t the Yankees. Expanding their appeal and market share in the region would come at the expense of the Bronx Bombers by default, after all.

For a franchise in dire need of hitting the rest button as soon as the Wilpons mercifully exit stage left, that prospect might be too good to pass up.

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