David Ortiz has been so terrible at making World Series predictions that he just refused to make a pick for the pivotal Game 7

We’re all very blessed because on Wednesday night, we get one of the most entertaining games in all of sports — a World Series Game 7. The Houston Astros and Los Angeles Dodgers will battle it out one more time to decide who will come out on the winning end of what has been one of the best World Series in recent memory, and earn the right to call themselves the 2017 World Series Champions.

You know who hasn’t been blessed during this amazing World Series, though? That would be FOX announcer and former Boston Red Sox great, David Ortiz. Big Papi has had just a terrible time with his game predictions for this one, going 0-6 as we get set now for Game 7.

But, with one game still left to go, there’s still picks Ortiz and the FOX crew have to make, and it was time for that on Wednesday night with the game about to begin. However, with his terrible record to this point, Ortiz just refused to make a prediction. Then, he took things a hilarious step further by just predicting the Red Sox to win it all.

Hey, you can’t really blame the former Boston slugger, can you? Going 0-6 is pretty bad, so why would you just add to the embarrassment. Just accept that you’ve had a terrible series making picks and move along.

It’s OK, because it doesn’t seem as if Ortiz is going anywhere, anytime soon, so he can try to redeem himself during next year’s World Series. Surely, he’s hoping he can make another Red Sox prediction — only this time for real.

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