In a truly cringeworthy video, Diamondbacks pitcher Robbie Ray got rocked on Friday night with a 108-MPH line drive back to the mound and to the head.

One of a pitcher’s worst nightmares when they’re on the mound, outside of giving up a walk-off home run in a key moment in the playoffs, is a ball coming back at a high speed to them on the mound. Robbie Ray experienced just that on the mound for the Arizona Diamondbacks, and it was an uncomfortable moment to watch.

In the Diamondbacks’ game against the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday night, Ray was pitching against Cardinals first baseman Luke Voit when disaster struck.

Voit sent a line drive right back to the mound where the ball came from, only much faster than how it came to the plate. The ball went back to Ray at 108 miles per hour, and hit the Diamondbacks pitcher right in the head.

The ball was traveling so fast and so hard, it bounced off of Ray and into foul territory on the third base line, where Daniel Descalso caught the ball for the out.

Ray was down on the ground for quite a while, before eventually getting to the sitting position and then getting onto a cart to be taken off of the field. Ray eventually showed some love to those in attendance in the crowd with a wave, as he was taken off of the field in the cart.

Ironically, the next pitcher onto the mound, T.J. McFarland, had the first batter he faced hit a ball right back at him on one hop, although with much different and less painful results than Ray had on his pitch.

The moment was a scary one for sure, but it’s nice to see Ray showing some movement in the cart on his way off of the field.

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