It is the Los Angeles Dodgers turn to take over the top of the MLB Power Rankings as they stay scorching hot.

As the third month of the MLB season wraps itself up, we know almost as much about the season as we did on Opening Day. Only five teams have a record 10 games over .500, and three of them are in the same division. Last year’s World Series champions are an ugly, in-fighting mess. Ten of the 15 teams in the American League are within four games of a wild-card spot.

You can call it parity if you want. I call it mediocrity.

The National League has been dragged down by rebuilding teams going all the way to rock bottom and injuries. The American League has its share of rebuilders and a handful of teams with decent lineups and bad pitching. That will keep things relatively interesting, if playoff teams with 84 wins are your thing.

One team that is not struggling is the Los Angeles Dodgers, and they take over the MLB Power Rankings this week. They have been on an epic tear since calling up Cody Bellinger two months ago. The Dodgers are number one, but how does the rest of the league line up?


Philadelphia Phillies


Last week: 4-3
Last rank: 30

Expectations were unequivocally low for the Phillies this year, but their struggles feel disappointing. This was a rebuilding team that seemed to be on the brink of taking the next step froward in their process. Instead, they have taken a giant leap back.

It’s not a great sign when the team’s leader in WAR is a reliever and building blocks Odubel Herrera and Maikel Franco are struggling. There is a silver lining though, Pat Neshek and Howie Kendrick will be used to give the Phillies a few more prospects to squeeze into their long-term vision.


San Francisco Giants


Last week: 3-4
Last rank: 29

Over the past 162 games, the Giants are the second-worst team in all of baseball, ahead of only the Phillies. There really is no clear indication how things went this badly for the three-time World Series core. At no point in MLB’s long history have the Dodgers been reaching 50 wins at the same time the Giants are reaching 50 losses.

FOX Sports reporter Ken Rosenthal made some waves earlier this week when he wrote an in-depth feature on the Giants struggles this year.

Some with the Giants muse that the team even misses Angel Pagan, who created an odd sort of unity because most of the players disliked him.

The Giants are moving past their championship window, and their decline is not a result of Mark Melancon deciding to stretch on his own schedule or missing out on hating Angel Pagan. Injuries to Hunter Pence and Madison Bumgarner have played a part, but sometimes teams just get old quickly.

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