In a sad moment, Dustin Fowler was carted off the field in the first inning of his major league debut for the Yankees with a serious leg injury.

Dustin Fowler was making his major league debut for the New York Yankees on Thursday night, but had a nightmare scenario pop up in the first inning of his first game.

Starting in right field for the Yankees on the road against the Chicago White Sox, Fowler, at just 22 years old, went to play a fly ball going toward the wall in foul territory. Tragedy instantly struck, as what looked like it could’ve been like any other baseball play quickly turned gruesome.

Fowler ran right into the wall trying to play the foul ball, and hit hard right on his leg. After trying to walk it off and put weight on his leg, Fowler quickly fell to the ground in obvious pain with a serious injury.

Fowler was instantly checked on in the outfield after he went down, with manager Joe Girardi obviously upset over the injury as he looked over his young prospect in his first game in a Yankees uniform.

After being evaluated, it was determined that Fowler had an open rupture of his right patella tendon in his right knee, and will be having surgery on the same night he suffered the injury.

It’s a truly heartbreaking moment for what should’ve been a proud game in the young man’s career, and any sports fan will have to feel for the kid to have his major league debut end in such a fashion.

While it’s hopefully not career-ending, given the fact that he’s still just 22 years old, it’ll surely be a setback to what could’ve been a long, successful career in the majors for the Yankees prospect.

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