Eddie Vedder remains the coolest Cubs fan after he put on a solo impromptu concert outside Wrigley Field.

Pearl Jam frontman and resident Cubs fan, Eddie Vedder, has previously performed a concert inside Wrigley Field. Now, he put on an impromptu concert outside the Friendly Confines. Vedder was filmed jamming out with his guitar as he plays a few chords from Corduroy off their Vitalogy album and one of their best singles in the band’s library.

I’m not sure what time the impromptu guitar sesh took place, but I’m surprised to see he wasn’t absolutely flocked by fans and onlookers. Perhaps they were respecting his space and giving him space to work his craft. Yeah, that’s what I think it is because if it was me, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my composure. I would have been like Frank the Tank in Old School and try to remain calm, but I’d be geeking out so hard seeing the last great rock star live and in person.

You can check out the clip of Vedder playing “Corduroy” below.

Can you imagine hanging outside Wrigley Field where the Cubs are playing the Cardinals and you stumble our of Murphy’s Bleachers across the street from the entrance to the bleachers and you see Eddie freakin’ Vedder?!

Honestly, I’d be more excited to see Eddie Vedder than I would a Cubs game this year, and I’m a life-long Cubs fan. I’ve only been a Pearl Jam since I was about nine years old and I bought the cassette tape for Ten.

So for those fans that were able to witness Eddie Vedder jamming outside Wrigley Field, please know how lucky and blessed you are to have witnessed that glorious moment. The rest of us are forever jealous of this moment.

Maybe he’ll have an encore Saturday afternoon after the Cubs play the Cardinals and look to extend their lead in the NL Central.

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