Giancarlo Stanton is leaving Miami and shared a thankful (for the fans), salty (to the management) Instagram post to mark the moment.

This past weekend, the Marlins traded the National League MVP to the Yankees for Starlin Castro, minor leagues Jorge Guzman and Jose Devers and $30 million to cover Stanton’s contract. The Evil Empire, otherwise known as the New York Yankees baseball team, is back.

Stanton did as all great and social media savvy athletes do on their way out of one situation en route to a better, or at least more ring-promising one, and posted an Instagram message that was, at turns, sincere, thankful, petty and wildly passive-aggressive.

It’s quite the ‘gram and let us tell you, it has levels. First: The post in question.

Once more, here’s the text of goodbye post:

Thank you to the Marlins Organization & the amazing city of Miami! The city that adopted me at 17 with open arms. I’ve loved this place over the years and it will always be special to me.
I appreciate All my teammates & coaching Staff that battled day in and day out
I feel for u fans, you’ve stuck with me as we’ve shared some roller coaster years.
I’ve always tried to be as professional as possible during the unprofessional , circus times there!
Regardless of the Ups&downs, I’ve grown n learned a lot as a Person/Player. So for that I give thanks, I hope there are better days in Miami . The city & the people are too great not to be!
Stay positive & much love ! ————————————— As for NEW YORK CITY !!! I am officially a YANKEE🔥🔥
I can’t wait to spark this new chapter in my life, & keeping it Lit 🗽

First, Stanton begins by thanking the organization and the city, pretty standard athlete-saying-goodbye stuff. He credits the city for embracing him when he was young, citing how special it will always be. Good stuff.

Then he cites specifically his teammates and the coaching staff “that battled day in and day out,” which is when you know Stanton is gearing up to drag the aforementioned organization.

He wastes no time: “I feel for u fans.”

Phrases he uses to refer to his time in Miami include: “roller coaster years,” “circus times,” and “ups and downs.”

Describing a stint with the Marlins, or the experience of a Marlins player or fans requires verbs like: “battle,” “stick with,” “try to be professional,” and “hope for better days.”

The tone here is…not positive! It doesn’t take an English major to discern that Stanton was not pleased with Marlins management, but he also does not hold the fans responsible.

After all, “the city and the people are too great not [for there to be better days]!” Good save, Giancarlo.

Then, he essentially recreates that meme where you bid farewell to someone/something (Marlins fans) then just hit enter a whole bunch and hope they look away before launching into an effusive message for a new interest (Yankees fans) that the former should not see.

New York can’t wait to keep it lit, either, Giancarlo. Strong emoji use as well.

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