Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Zack Greinke almost threw his first career no-hitter against the Pirates, but gave up a home run for his first allowed hit.

Zack Greinke seemed due to throw a no-hitter this year after all his time in the league, but just missed on the opportunity in Arizona on Thursday night.

Greinke took a no-no into the eighth inning, with just six outs left, for the Arizona Diamondbacks at home against the Pittsburgh Pirates. Through seven innings, Greinke struck out 11 batters and walked just one on 90 pitches. Seven of those strikeouts were batters swinging at his nasty slider, and he kept his pitches low throughout the night.

Leading off the eighth inning, Pittsburgh outfielder Gregory Polanco immediately gave him a scare, launching a ball just foul into the right field bleachers.

On the 95th pitch of the night, Polanco finally broke it open for the Pirates, hitting the ball to almost the same spot, just fair, for a home run. It took 11 pitches for Polanco to finally hit one fair. The home run turned the game from a no-hitter to a one run game, and sent the Diamondbacks back to obscurity for the night.

The Diamondbacks had only thrown two no-hitters in their franchise’s history, with Randy Johnson’s perfect game for Arizona in 2004, and Edwin Jackson throwing a no-hitter in 2010.

Greinke still seems due for a no-hitter at some point in his career, and maybe even this season. However, Gregory Polanco made sure that his Pirates weren’t the victim for Greinke’s special night.

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