After Chicago Cubs pitcher John Lackey intentionally threw at a batter, the legendary Hawk Harrelson had a few choice words for him.

Just when you thought the crosstown rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago White Sox couldn’t get any better, it did. Cubs pitcher John Lackey intentionally beamed Jose Abreu of the White Sox, and Hawk Harrelson was not having it. He also hit three other batters in the game to cap off this unusual performance.

The legendary broadcaster called Lackey out on his throw, and told him “that’s enough of that BS.”

Lackey’s throws all seemed intentional, and luckily the umpire kept things under control, and Abreu went on to take first base. Lackey has generally pitched well throughout his 15-year career, but he has struggled mightily this season. Coming into today’s game, the disgruntled pitcher had an ERA near 5.00, and batters were hitting for a .264 average against him.

Maybe this was his way of blowing off some of his frustrations, but it has just been putting a target on his and his teammates backs. I’m sure the White Sox will remember this the next time he toes the rubber against them.

The Cubs struggled for much of the first half of the season, but they have quickly turned things around as the second half has been progressing. Coming into today’s game, they stood only half a game back from the division leading Milwaukee Brewers, and seemed poised to take over the top spot in the coming days.

The NL Central has certainly been a tight race this season, as four teams have a legitimate shot at finishing in the top spot there. But of course the Cubs are the favorites once again, and have a good shot at winning another World Series title this season.

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