New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge has been sensational during his rookie year. Here are all the highlights from his 2017 Home Run Derby experience.

He’s well on his way to 2017 American League Rookie of the Year, as right fielder Aaron Judge has taken MLB by storm as the new face of the New York Yankees. After 27 games in 2016, Judge has emerged as a lovable giant that crushes the you know what out of baseballs.

Through 84 games with the Yankees, Judge has hit a league-best 30 home runs. It should come as no surprise that he would be one of the eight participants in the Home Run Derby at the 2017 MLB All-Star Game down in Miami.

Despite all the trite judicial puns, Judge has put together an MVP-level first half for the contending Yankees in the Junior Circuit. He was voted in by the fans to start for the American League in the All-Star Game. Judge is building somewhat of a cult-like following as a power-hitting outfielder. He might be exactly what baseball needs.

Seeded as the Home Run Derby’s No. 2 seed behind only the hometown hero Giancarlo Stanton, Judge had to square off with another Miami slugger in the form of Justin Bour in the first round. It was an excellent first round for Bour, as he caught fire after the timeout.

He finished up with 22 home runs in the first round, the most of anybody up to that point. Bour cranked out 19 before tacking on three more in the bonus round. Could Judge keep pace with his worthy first-round adversary?

Well, Judge was spraying baseballs all over Marlins Park in the first round. He was hitting roofs, concourses and even putting baseballs all over that glorious Marlins statue. Impressively, he tied Bour’s 22 first-round home runs in regulation. He tagged two more on in the bonus because the dude just loves hitting homers.

Judge would face off with fellow rookie phenom Cody Bellinger of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Bellinger would do his part in the second round with 12 home runs, but may have tired too fast. Judge had six home runs early in the second round and wisely took a time out. He would get to 11 home runs very quickly, but started to pop up a few too many in a row. With plenty of time left, he advanced to the finals with 13 home runs before the bonus period.

In the 2017 Home Run Derby Finals, Judge would square off with Minnesota Twins slugger Miguel Sano, who advanced over Judge’s teammate Gary Sanchez in round two. Sano got a little tired in the finals, mustering only 10 balls over the fence. Judge went on a tear and hit moonshots like his life depended on it. With about two minutes left on the clock, Judge would put No. 13 over the centerfield wall. He’s your 2017 Home Run Derby Champion.

Here are the highlights from Judge’s first Home Run Derby as a major leaguer.

All rise, as Judge is the 2017 Home Run Derby Champion. His Yankees are playing well, he starts in the All-Star Game on Tuesday and he just won the Home Run Derby! He’s making baseball fun again!

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