One of the favorites for the MLB Home Run Derby 2017, Cody Bellinger, is set to take the stage. Here are some his slugging highlights.

One of the clear favorites to win the Home Run Derby, along with Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge, is Cody Bellinger. The rookie phenom for the Los Angeles Dodgers has taken the MLB world by storm, going homer-for-homer with Judge.

Stanton is the defending Home Run Derby Champion when he hit 61 home runs at Petco Park to take the crown. So far this season, the rookie Judge leads the Majors with 30 home runs, but Bellinger follows closely with 25 home runs.

In the bracket-style format of the Home Run Derby, Bellinger is the No. 3 seed and takes on Rockies’ Charlie Blackmon. Here are some of the Dodgers’ slugger’s highlights:

In Round 1, the left-handed batter took down Blackmon, with 15 homers, including a huge walk-off shot to send him into the next round.

Round 2 was the one that everyone has been anticipating and was hoping to see. It pitted No. 2 seeded Aaron Judge against Bellinger. The two rookie phenoms have been going back and forth in the regular season, hitting homer-for-homer.

Bellinger went first in the second round, and had 12 dingers, which was less than his first-round total.

From this round, his longest was 433 feet, while the average distance of each home run was slightly less at 407 feet. He wasn’t able to display as much power as Aaron Judge, who followed him up with 13 home runs and advanced to the Home Run Derby Finals. Judge also blasted one to 513 feet in this round.

Bellinger had a good run in the Home Run Derby and I’m sure he’s going to show up to more of these events. For his sake, just pray he doesn’t go up against Judge, who’s out here raking home runs at Marlins Park.

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