The Cleveland Indians have defeated the Detroit Tigers to get the American League record for consecutive wins.

In a 5-3 victory, over the Detroit Tigers, the Cleveland Indians put themselves into the record books with their 21st consecutive win. Here are some highlights to catch from the day’s action.

The Indians tied the Oakland Athletics at 20 on Tuesday.

Jay Bruce had a controversial three-run homer in the first inning to open up the scoring. It was reviewed, but the call stood as seen on the field to give the Indians some early confidence.

It was his 34th home run of the season, which tied a career high.

The Indians celebrated their win by staying on their home field longer than usual. They wanted to thank the loyal fans for always being supportive and bask in the glory.

Roberto Perez hit a clutch home run to give his team the 5-3 lead. It was a solo shot in the seventh inning. cushioned the Cleveland lead and allowed relievers a little more room to breathe in the final innings.

Every Indians player could tell this moment was important and played their best to make sure they achieved what was though to be impossible.

It looks similar to the scene after a team wins the World Series, which they hope to capture this fall.

However, they were very cordial in their immediate celebration after the game. It looked like just another win for the Cleveland team, but the smiles on the faces of the players told a different story as the players shook hands and gathered on the diamond.

The fist put into the air by pitcher Cody Allen right after the final pitch was thrown shows the triumph of the Indians in a storied season.

Cleveland will go for their 22nd straight win on Thursday.

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