Danny Salazar is a big arm for the Cleveland Indians, but he has experienced a setback with shoulder inflammation.

The Cleveland Indians are a team that has had a great rotation. Unfortunately, greatness is hampered by injuries. For the Indians, here is another hurdle in Danny Salazar’s path back to health. The right-hander is several weeks behind even with his throwing program. This is an unfortunate blow for a team that relies on their pitchers.

Here is what general manager Chris Antonetti said on Salazar’s road to recovery:

“The thing we’re focused on is making sure that Danny is ready to contribute for the bulk of the season the way we all know he is capable,” Antonetti said. “If that is opening day, great. If it is later than that, that’s fine. I think what we want to make sure we do is take the long view and try to get the most out of Danny for the bulk of the season.”

So, the Indians are down a starting pitcher. One thing going for the team is that they have several guys to take over the role such as Mike Clevinger. With that said, Salazar needs to keep tunnel vision and recover fully. He had a setback, but the Indians can survive without him for a month or so. Salazar pitched to the tune of a 4.28 ERA in 103 innings last year.

He knows how to strike guys out, but it’s a matter of honing in around the zone and making the pitches. A problem has been a high walk rate, which was 3.84 in 2017. For Salazar to become successful and further his abilities, he will have to demonstrate more control. With that said, a breakout may be in order when back on the mound.

Cleveland doesn’t have much competition in the AL Central, so that benefits it early in the season. The Indians are one of the best teams in the AL in general, and the pitching depth the club will do wonders.

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