Sixers’ Joel Embiid was fighting for home runs at the Home Run Derby

The Philadelphia 76ers’ Joel Embiid is taking a break from his busy NBA offseason. Embiid managed to get his hands on a ticket to the 2017 Home Run Derby. Of course, he’s having a ball with Meek Mill and others around him.

Embiid, seated in left field, was seen fighting with those around him for homers. Obviously not fighting, just having a little bit of fun, Embiid style. He and his friends are mirror images of kids at their first game. All that they’re missing is a glove that’s too big for their hands. But, something tells me that’d be hard to find for a 7-foot man.

In his usual fashion, Embiid took to social media with his antics.

He has been actively posting his night’s adventures on his Instagram story. However, Embiid doesn’t seem to be too invested in who wins, he’s just enjoying the show. Thankfully he’s having a blast. If he weren’t, fans might’ve been treated to another NSFW rant via Instagram.

Embiid came under fire earlier this week for his vulgar comments directed at LaVar Ball on Instagram. The NBA fined Embiid $10K for his comments, but the feud doesn’t seem to be coming to an end. After Ball appeared on a Philadelphia radio show and criticized Embiid and teammate Ben Simmons, Embiid was captured yelling “F**k LaVar Ball”, Ball’s response? Hit the gym. Embiid posted clips in the gym to Twitter in the coming days, probably to avoid Ball’s yapping about Embiid’s Home Run Derby appearance.

Unfortunately, no Phillies were present in the Home Run Derby. However, Embiid and his buds were treated to one of the best derbies in recent memory as Yankees rookie Aaron Judge won the competition handily by putting on a clinic.

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