Josh Reddick belted out a massive F-bomb after a pop up against the L.A. Dodgers

With no fans in the stands at Major League Baseball games due to the coronavirus pandemic, many of us out there figured the games would be less exciting than normal.

Well, if we’ve learned anything following the melee between the Dodgers and Astros earlier this week, it’s that no fans means it’s a lot easier to hear what’s going on down on the field.

This was once again showcased on Wednesday night in Houston. Astros slugger Josh Reddick was looking to give LA the lead in the bottom of the fourth but popped up instead. Seconds later, he dropped a massive F-bomb that probably could have been heard in Dallas.

The Dodgers beat the Astros in extra innings thanks to a 2-run dinger from Edwin Rios

What makes the video even better is the reaction of Dodgers play-by-play announcer Joe Davis. Davis appears to be stunned to hear Reddick drop the loud curse word, and immediately drops a bit of an awkward, “sorry.”

Davis apologizes as if he just dropped the expletive. His “sorry” also sounded like someone who had forgotten to turn the oven off or forgot to pick up his girlfriend/wife’s favorite ice cream up at the store. Regardless, the moment provided us with some comedy in the middle of a great showdown between Houston and LA.

This also came roughly 24 hours after the two clubs nearly had an all-out brawl thanks to Joe Kelly tossing at multiple Astros batters. Fortunately, there were no more fireworks in the fighting department and the Dodgers won 4-2 in a 13-inning thriller.

If you thought Reddick was frustrated early on, things likely boiled over once Edwin Rios blasted the 2-run bomb to give LA the win and a series sweep over the Astros.

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