Justin Verlander wears mask with funny yet perfect message to Astros camp.

Houston Astros pitcher, Justin Verlander, is wearing a mask that says something all of us are thinking, “that’s not six feet.”

A photo surfaced of Verlander wearing a black face mask with white lettering after arriving at the end of Summer Camp for the Houston Astros on Tuesday.

Fans, of course, went to town with cheating references “If you get closer than six feet it’s easier to see his wire,” a Twitter user commented. Another made light of Umpire Angel Hernandez’s strike zone.

In a time when so much is bad news and disappointment its nice to see someone having a little fun with the new COVID-19 protocol.

The Astros 2020 season starts on July 24

The Astros will return for their shortened 2020 season and it will be the first time since the cheating scandal rocked the MLB. Many fans are looking towards the September meet-up between the Astros and the Dodgers as a rematch of sorts.

The 2020 MLB season begins on July 23 with the Yankees vs. Nationals opening up the day game and the Dodgers vs. Giants for the evening game. The Astros will play their first game on July 24 against the Mariners.

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