Tampa Bay Rays first baseman Logan Morrison criticizes Home Run Derby selection of Gary Sanchez.

The MLB announced the 2017 Home Run Derby lineup on Sunday night, leaving some players unhappy. Logan Morrison, first baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays, thought one name stood out in particular. Morrison is not happy about Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez being in the field, seeing as he only has 13 home runs.

Although Sanchez missed a month of the season, lowing his potential total, Morrison has a career-best 24 dingers on the year. Morrison, despite having a successful year in terms of home runs, is not a player that fans go crazy for. Nobody (except for a few Tampa Bay fans) get excited to watch a 29-year-old journeyman. Certainly not compared to one of baseball’s most exciting young talents, who happens to be a 24-year-old starter for the New York Yankees.

It’s easy to forget that the MLB is a business. The league’s purpose is to provide entertainment and more importantly, make money. Sanchez will bring in more revenue for the league, plain and simple. It isn’t all about home run totals.

Additionally, Sanchez has also swung a more powerful bat throughout his career. Morrison, throughout his eight seasons in the show, has only hit 20+ homers twice. Sanchez, in just 201 at-bats during his rookie season, hit 20.

All things considered, Sanchez is the fastest player in MLB history to hit 20 home runs. He’s hit a total of 33 in his career in just 400 ABs. During his eight seasons and 2,714 at-bats, Morrison has just 108 homers.

The Home Run Derby will take place on Monday, July 10 at 8 p.m. ET in Miami.

Joining Sanchez in representing the American League will be teammate Aaron Judge, the Royals’ Mike Moustakas and the Twins’ Miguel Sano. Repping the National League will be defending champion Giancarlo Stanton along with Miami teammate Justin Bour, the Dodgers’ Cody Bellinger and the Rockies’ Charlie Blackmon.

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