The Louisville Bats, the AAA affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds, will honor Muhammad Ali with special uniforms. 

The death of Muhammad Ali impacted a lot of people. Very few human beings have left such a lasting legacy on the world. He’s arguably the most famous Kentucky resident of all-time. To pay tribute to the greatest boxer of all-time, the Louisville Bats will honor Ali with special uniforms. The Bats are the AAA affiliate of the Cincinnati Reds.

These jerseys are awesome. They feature a picture of Ali’s face with a small logo on the upper right chest. This is an appropriate and unique way to pay tribute to a man who influenced so many people and helped put Louisville on the map.

Ali was born in Louisville on Jan. 17, 1942. He died in 2016 due to septic shock. For most of his retirement, Ali suffered from a variety of diseases, including Parkinson’s. He had brain damage thanks to his years as a boxer. Despite Ali’s failing health, he remained a public figure and celebrity until his death.

He’s famous for being a civil rights advocate, not just for African-Americans, but people who follow Islam as well. During a time when African-American athletes were expected to be quiet, Ali was one of the loudest and most boastful voices in sports. He was one of the first boxers to show off his charisma and participate in trash talk. Ali was a completely different person than Joe Louis, who preceded him as the most famous African-American boxer of all-time.

The Bats are doing a great thing in honoring him. Ali is one of the most culturally relevant athletes of all-time. The civil rights era would have been very different without his voice. At a time when African-Americans were oppressed, Ali gave them the courage to fight back.

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