MLB has premiered holiday and All-Star themed threads, including a new line of specialized Father’s Day and Miami-themed All-Star Game gear

The ever fashion-forward designers at Major League Baseball have released 2017’s specialty jersey, hat and sock line, in preparation for the summer of 2017 and leading into the All-Star Game, which will be hosted by the Miami Marlins.

The holidays that will feature special designs will be Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and finally, the All-Star Game festivities, which will be held from July 9th-11th.

Each MLB club will have its own unique spin on each holiday’s look. In a new twist this season, the alternate apparel will be worn across the duration of the holiday weekends, not solely on the day of each event. The MLB has already observed one holiday thus far on the year, as each club wore special green hats on St. Patrick’s Day during spring training.

Mother’s Day will once again be recognized by the uniforms (as well as some equipment) adorning pink trim. The proceeds from sales of the alternate gear will go towards the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which aids breast cancer research. These uniforms will be in play from May 13-14h.

In a new twist on the year, Father’s Day will have a special designation as well. MLB players will adorn uniforms lined with a light blue trim in dedication to dads around the game, and proceeds from sales of those various items will go towards prostate cancer research. These uniforms will be on display on both June 17 and 18.

Two of the most popular days of the baseball season in regards to adding a twist to uniforms have been Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Once again, the MLB will add a nod of respect to the armed forces and to the American flag on each holiday, respectively.

Memorial Day will see a dash of camouflage added to both the hats and jerseys for the full weekend of May 27-29. A dark green bill will adorn an Army green based hat, featuring the logo of each team. In addition, a moment of silence will be included in respects to all of those that have fallen in the line of service in the name of the country.

Independence Day weekend will see the stars and stripes in effect for four days, from July 1st through the 4th. Blue-based hats with a red bill and star-spangled logo will be a highlight of this year’s Independence Day hats. A special ‘liquid chrome’ addition to each team’s logo will be displayed on the caps, and a special patriotic baseball-style long sock will be added to the uniform for the first time. Not to be left out of the affairs, the Toronto Blue Jays will Maple Leaf, Canadian-themed gear in recognition of Canada Day on July 1 as well.

However, the most expansive addition to baseball’s stylistic switch up will be reserved for the All-Star Game festivities, which will take place at Marlins Park. The All-Star Futures Game, All-Star Workout Day and Home Run Derby will see all players adorned in uniforms stylized after the host Marlins gear, as well as a unique floral print Miami Beach print as well. The colors will be based in the black and orange of the Marlins, and will feature the 2017 All-Star Game patch on the hats, which feature the respective player’s team, in the Marlins colors.

For the All-Star Game itself, a special hat has been created that will merge a gold team logo, with a differing shade of the respective team’s colors. The LiquidChrome side patch featuring the All-Star Game logo will return as well, and will be featured on the sleeve of standard issue jersey each player will wear.

Perhaps the most festive of all additions to the All-Star Game uniform will be the socks, which feature a black, blue and orange splatter design, based in homage to the Miami art scene. Bright palm trees and floral designs will add a unique touch to each established MLB uniform, while also tying in the host club’s stamp of approval as well.

The love of game is often shown through the diversity and dedication of the fan base rocking the gear of their ball club. And this year’s specialty selection could make for the most diverse pickings in many years for fans around the game.

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