Apparently, the Miami Marlins have resorted to threatening Giancarlo Stanton when it comes to potential trade deals in the future.

Under new ownership, led by New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter, the Miami Marlins are basically gutting the organization and rebuilding it from scratch. However, one of the players on the roster who wants no business as it pertains to dealing with a rebuild in their $300 million man, slugger Giancarlo Stanton.

With this being the case, Stanton has made it more than clear that he would like a trade. As you’d expect, though, Stanton does have a no-trade clause in his deal, but he was nice enough to give the Marlins a list of teams that he’d have no problem being dealt to.

Well, apparently, the Marlins are pretty fed up with this to this point. How fed up? According to the Miami Herald, it appears the organization has informed Stanton that he will accept a trade to wherever, or they will have no problem keeping him around as they let other stars go elsewhere.

So, yes, they’d be more than willing to let him stick around and be miserable on some terrible teams during the rebuild while they let others go play elsewhere — you know, places those players could actually win. Stanton has already made his mark as one of the best power-hitters of this generation, but as he grows older, you know he wants the chance to collect some World Series hardware while he’s demolishing baseballs over 400 feet.

As the baseball offseason continues on through the fall and winter, this will definitely be the top storyline to watch in Major League Baseball. Just how long can this game of chicken go on between the two? Will Stanton get his wish, or will the Marlins stand their ground?

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