Even though your New York Mets play only one series a year on the road against the Los Angeles Dodgers, it’s not a good idea to drop a baby for a foul ball.

It hasn’t even been a week since Father’s Day, but this one New York Mets fan now resides in the dog house for life after what he put his wife through at Dodger Stadium on Thursday night. The Mets were playing their final game of the year in Los Angeles against the Dodgers and this guy lost his mind for a second.

Mets outfielder Jay Bruce fouls a Pedro Baez offering into the Dodger Stadium stands in the top of the eighth inning. The Mets were already down 6-3 to the Dodgers and would go on to lose by the same score to fall to 31-41 on the year.

Well, for that one transplanted Mets fan, that did not matter. He reached for that Bruce foul ball as if his life depended on it. Too bad he was holding on to his young child trying to make that one-handed catch. His wife to the right of him HATED that.

Catching a foul ball at a Dodgers game isn’t as cool as not dropping newborn child. Instant karma took over and the guy’s wife berated him for everyone on the internet to see. The Mets fan absolutely had it coming.

It’s been a terrible season for New York. It is 10 games under .500 and in fourth place in the National League East. When the rival Atlanta Braves and the hapless Miami Marlins are better than you, you’re not a good baseball team. Thankfully it’s never sunny for the Philadelphia Phillies, who have the worst record in baseball heading into the final week of June.

Long story short, if you’re going to take your wife and kid to the ball game, don’t almost drop your kid while trying to catch a foul ball to try to be cool next to your wife. You will get chastised for it and deservedly so.

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