The Miami Marlins have now confirmed 17 positive coronavirus tests over the past week

Just when you thought the concerns for Major League Baseball and the Miami Marlins couldn’t grow any bigger, the latest update out of Florida is nothing short of worrisome. According to MLB insider Jeff Passan, the Marlins have confirmed four new positive coronavirus tests.

To make matters even worse for the organization, that means 17 players/staff members have tested positive for the virus in the past week, which has many wondering if this will ultimately cause the 2020 season to either be paused or canceled.

More MLB games are being postponed due to coronavirus concerns

For the organization to have nearly 20 positive cases is terrible, and obviously the last thing MLB wanted to see. Because of the positive cases, the Marlins have postponed recent games. When the news broke, the team had just finished playing the Phillies, who were supposed to play the Yankees this week.

Tuesday’s showdown between Philly and New York has once again been postponed, with players on both teams currently waiting to find out when they’ll be able to take the field once again. The Yankees are already on their way back to New York. Should the Marlins continue to see more positive cases come in, it could be a while before the team can play again.

Right now, though, the growing worry across the league is that more teams and more players will get bad coronavirus news. With teams traveling from city to city for games, their chances of being exposed to the virus are higher. In the NBA, their ‘bubble’ system in Orlando has been quite positive, with no news rocking them like we’ve seen with MLB.

While teams will still be in action this week, we very well could see more games canceled or moved if coronavirus cases among players and staff members continues to rise. Stay tuned, folks.

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