Legendary third baseman Mike Schmidt suggests that the Philadelphia Phillies cannot build around Odubel Herrera due to the “language barrier.”

Major League Baseball is a game in which the legends of the past are revered for generations. Hall of Famers are often referred to during games, comparing their performance to that of today’s players. Most of the time, this goes well. And then, you have Mike Schmidt.

The Philadelphia Phillie. Their greatest player in history. The man with three National League MVPs, a World Series MVP, 12 All-Star appearances, and 10 Gold Gloves. He left the game with a career 106 Wins Above Replacement. And yet, he says dumb things. This time, about the Phillies.

In an article by Kevin McGuire of The ComebackSchmidt is quoted to say that the Phillies should not build around Odubel Herrera. Now, that by itself is not earth-shattering, as concerns over Herrera’s play on the field are clear. However, Hall of Famer Schmidt suggests that it is the “language barrier” that should keep the Phillies from building around Herrera.

Mr. Schmidt, please, step away from the microphone or iPhone shoved in front of your face and do not talk. The game of baseball is developing into a world sport. Sure, there will be some issues with language between American and International players. Yet, it is 2017, not 1972. We are in a day in which opportunities are available for the taking, and Herrera is making the most of his.

What about Herrera? Did you think about all he has done to get to this point? How difficult it is to play the game in America when you are not from here? Sure, Herrera is off to a slow start this season, except for the last week. Give the 25-year-old kid some time.

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