Mike Trout sees one major issue with the MLB’s COVID testing procedures.

Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout recently returned to the Angels after taking a five day hiatus for the birth of his son. He said he had a tough time leaving his wife and newborn, especially in times like these. He has his concerns on the outlook of the MLB season.

Trout thinks the MLB has one issue with their COVID-19 testing protocols. He thinks players should be tested every day while currently, players are being tested every other day. Trout doesn’t think that is enough.

“I’ve said this from Day 1, if you don’t have testing every day, it’s going to be tough,” Trout told USA Today. “You’re always trying to catch up and trying to catch it.”

Trout does still feel safe with the Angels.

However, Trout does still feel like it’s safe to play. He said that he wouldn’t be playing at all if he didn’t have faith that the Angels would be following all the health and safety protocols.

The NBA is also testing every other day, but it is much more contained due to the bubble. MLB players are traveling every few days and staying in hotels, which makes it far more difficult to contain.

With the outbreaks in Miami and St. Louis, the MLB will need to make major changes if they want to complete their full 60 game schedule. So far, commissioner Rob Manfred has added “coronavirus compliance officers” to make sure players are following the MLB’s guidelines.

The COVID outbreaks are getting to a critical point for the MLB. If Manfred doesn’t implement more significant changes in due time, the MLB season won’t last much longer.

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