Mike Trout turned 26 on Monday, and his Los Angeles Angels teammates had a messy celebration planned in the clubhouse.

Turning 26 on Monday, Mike Trout is without question the best baseball player on the planet right now, and perhaps in the history of the baseball-playing world. To date, Trout has 999 hits and 190 home runs. By this time next year, he may have 250 home runs, 700 RBI and a third MVP award sitting on the shelf back home in Millville, NJ.

If his current pace keeps up for the rest of the year, Trout will become the first player since the end of the Steroid Era to finish a season with a slugging percentage over .700. The Los Angeles Angels center fielder is second in MLB history in WAR for a player in his age-25 season. Only Ty Cobb is ahead of him, and Trout tops some scrubs named Mickey Mantle, Rogers Hornsby, Jimmie Foxx and Alex Rodriguez.

Apparently, none of that makes Trout immune from some birthday hazing from his boys in the clubhouse.

I’m not entirely sure of the purpose of allowing your teammates to surround you and pelt you with eggs, cereal, flour, blue and red slushies, water and lord knows what else. Credit Trout for being a good sport. Speaking from personal experience as a camp counselor one summer who got to ride the ketchup, applesauce and mustard slip-n-slide, this was actually probably kind of fun for Trout in a strange way.

Trout catches a lot of heat at times for not being wild or outlandish or face-of-baseball-y enough. He’s never going to be as outspoken as Bryce Harper, and he probably just wants to go back to South Jersey and go hunting at the end of the year, but he is slowly making strides and letting his personality show out to the world. Happy Birthday to the future GOAT, and hopefully there’s a lovely cake waiting after tonight’s game.

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