And yet it was pretty funny the way they sent us all the way down a rabbit hole of what turned out to be mostly nothing.

It can’t be all that easy to be the social media manager of a team in the midst of the offseason. That’s even more true when the team is an MLB team and dreams of spring training are being shoved to the recesses of most minds by the “bomb cyclone” that makes it seem as far away as it could ever be.

Add in the fact that the Hot Stove isn’t exactly firing at full capacity right now and it’s no wonder some of the people running the MLB team accounts were probably a little bored on this wintry Friday. Make that a lot bored, actually.

But the solution to that is an epic tweet chain, and that’s exactly what happened. To wit:

This wasn’t the top of the tweet chain, so to speak, but the Giants managed to get a lot of people hooked because, well, they wanted to see what it was they were talking about.

It turned out to be this:

Which led to this:

Yeah, you can probably see where this is headed.

We won’t post them all, because we don’t want to deprive you of the joy/agony/other feels of doing that yourself. We will, however, do the Twitter equivalent of spoilers and tell you how it all started.

Innocent enough, to be sure. And while much of baseball Twitter seemed unamused by the whole thing, you have to give the various MLB team accounts credit for running with the joke, working in a ton of cliches we see (and use, admittedly) along the way.

On the other hand, this kind of thing could get old pretty quickly, so if anyone would like to make a huge trade or spring training would just hurry up and get here, we’d all be much obliged. Those MLB social media types, especially.

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