A surprise contender, the Minnesota Twins could be in the market to add long-term assets for 2017 postseason run.

The Minnesota Twins are perhaps the surprise contender in the 2017, especially in the American League. With a young group of players rounding in to form to go along with veterans like Brian Dozier, the Twins currently sit only a half-game in the AL Central. Now, as the calendar turns towards July, the Twins are in a position to add assets at the deadline.

As Jeff Todd of MLB Trade Rumors points out, the Twins are hopeful to address long-term acquisitions as opposed to using valuable resources on short-term rentals. Twins general manager Thad Levine has indicated as such recently as the Twins continue to stay in the division race.

“We’re probably not going to be inclined to spend lavishly on short-term assets,” he says, “but we would be very open to spending aggressively on assets that we could use to propel our team forward this year and for years to come.”

Coming into the season, the clear-cut favorite to win the division was the Cleveland Indians. Coming off an American League Pennant and a Game 7 loss to the Chicago Cubs in the World Series, the Indians appeared poised to take on the Houston Astros for dominance of the AL. While the Astros are running away with the West, Cleveland and Minnesota are the front runners in the Central, with the white-hot Royals are a few games back.

Minnesota has been aided by the emergence of pitcher Jose Berrios and third baseman Miguel Sano, along with the performance of veterans such as pitcher Ervin Santana and second baseman Brian Dozier.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the organization not expected to be here at the start of the season. Can they land a player that helps them stay in the and win the division race. Regardless, Minnesota appears likely to hang around awhile in the race.

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